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Poly-Purpose Vintage Vibrator: The Next Generation

I invite you to go back in time and remember my review of the Poly-Purpose Personal Massager–a vibrator from even further back in time.

Poly Purpose Antique Vibrator

Now come back to the future and note the similarities between the vintage Poly-Purpose personal massager and the Mini Miracle Massager, known to many as the Poly-Purpose of Today:

The only thing missing is the scratch-o-matic. I wonder why it didn’t stand the test of time?

Lelo Ina Video

This Lelo Ina video review breaks a pretty long period of inactivity on It’s been a few months, and I’m a little older and a little wiser. And though aging is inevitable, the insurmountable wisdom I’ve gained since my last “intimate review” was not written in the stars. This new outlook can largely be contributed to all of the learning I’ve been doing since I began my new job at PriveCo, proprietor of

Jane Fader Loves Vibrators.comYeah, that’s right, the that purchased the domain for $1 Million in 2009.

Part of my signing bonus with PriveCo was a brand new Lelo Ina rabbit vibrator. Watch the Lelo Ina video review and get in on some of my new professional insight while it’s still hot!

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