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Str8cam Lube is Unlike Any Cum I’ve Ever Used

str8cam STR8cam Lube is an independently manufactured water-soluble personal lubricant designed to look and feel like real cum. I discovered STR8cam Lube on Twitter through the social media marketing efforts of STR8cam Jeff, proprietor of STR8cam Lube. Fascinated as I am with the strange and unusual, I wanted to try it out so I asked my friend Lauryn to help me review STR8cam Lube, as she offered such useful insights in the past. We compared STR8cam Lube to real cum and came to the following conclusions:

STR8cam Lube is superior to cum because it easily absorbs into skin.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a money shot, you’re certainly familiar with that white, flakey residue that mysteriously appears on your neck/tits/stomach/ass a few hours after getting slimed. No matter how unnecessarily hard he rubs you down with that raggedy old soft cloth, the evidence of a busted nut always rears its head.

Str8cam Lube

Dramatic reenactment sponsored by STR8cam

We contribute cum’s ability to reappear on skin like some perverse magic ink to its inability to be absorbed. On the one hand, we assume that this quality negates rumors that you can get pregnant if a dude cums on you (good). On the other hand, this quality often leaves you with some ‘splainin to do (bad).

Unlike cum, Str8cam Lube absorbs into the skin quite easily. Not only did we find that STR8cam Lube is extremely absorbent, we also had the pleasant surprise of discovering that it has a slight moisturizing effect. And without an inch of post-coital ashyness! As Lauryn said, STR8cam Lube is “unlike any cum I’ve ever used.”


Str8cam Lube

Though Lauryn and I agreed that STR8cam Lube may be healing to aged or sun-damaged skin, its high rate of absorbency made us question the potential of STR8cam in a real-life masturbatory situation. If it absorbs too easily, the user might wind up sacrificing climax for a “world’s softest genitals” ribbon.

STR8cam Lube’s high absorbency rate did not transfer to conventional masturbatory cleanup materials such as the dirty sock. It took an entire dirty sock to wipe up the four shots of STR8cam Lube that we pumped onto Lauryn’s boobs. Because dirty socks are so popular amongst boys for cleaning up, we assume that it is an effective material. However, we are uncertain of how effective dirty socks actually are and would be grateful to anyone who could further the STR8cam Lube study by lending their expertise in the comments section.

Str8cam Money Shot Clean Up

dirty irty

Charlie Sheen Sex Doll Keeps Me in the Cupboard!

Charlie Sheen Sex Doll

“Charlie Sheen Sex Doll” is an example of the type of product photography that I produced for PriveCo. And, yes, this one was for the Charlie Sheen sex doll, which came out at the same time the media was freaking out about that whole goddess-in-the-cupboard thing.

And I really have to mention–that’s a vintage Christian Dior nightie on that goddess in the cupboard, and it came in a set with a matching cape.