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How to Increase the Range of a Rotating Vibrator

A popular feature in many vibrators is the ability for the shaft to rotate. By “shaft,” I mean the main, phallic part of the vibrator. By “rotate,” I mean move around in a circle like this:

The "Woo Hoo" Gesture. Turned sideways it becomes the "You're Crazy" gesture.The shaft is the penetrative part of the vibrator (i.e.: the part you put up in ya). The rotating function moves the shaft all around your innards and hopefully hits your g-spot. The greater range of the rotation, the more pressure is applied to your g-spot.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the new Jopen Vanity vr10 Vibrator. I was unhappy with its range. However, I got an insider tip that the range of any vibrator can be increased by merely bending the shaft. Apparently this is an industry practice, and part of the production process of all rotating vibrators. Here is my new review of the Vanity vr10 after I increased the range of its rotation by bending the shaft:

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