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Intensity Vibrator Review

I contacted a few of my fellow sex toy professionals and enthusiasts to see what they thought of the new Intensity vibrator. Below is an especially great review that came via email from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. She was scared to use the Intensity electro-stim at first, too, but found it to be quite the experience in the end!

I was afraid to use the electro-stim, but I turned it on to the first setting, and couldn’t feel a thing. I ended up going up to the seventh or eighth level by the time I was into using it, much more than I could take on my hand.

I’m guessing that because the inner 2/3 of your vag has way less nerve endings than your hand, you don’t feel the shock. Instead I felt a powerful clenching. It was an interesting orgasm. Instead of the involuntary clench I generally feel when I come, I was forced to clench more and harder by the electro-stim. Not sure if that’s exactly my preferred orgasm, but it’s definitely an interesting sensation.

I think the Intensity is a great tool for Kegels. It feels more like I’m clenching all the parts of my pelvic floor, whereas before I was maybe only clenching the bottom half, or not clenching as hard. It definitely shows you where to squeeze, and makes it easier and pleasurable, for us lazy Kegel girls.

My friend’s review of the Intensity makes me feel a little better…at least I know the electro-stim function doesn’t hurt. I am also very intrigued by the distinction she makes between orgasms being involuntary or forced. Subtle differentiations like this remind me how important it is to pay attention to the experience of orgasm…the more we reflect on the experience, the better we can communicate it and help fill in all of the information gaps in women’s health.

I still need more scientific evidence about the safety of electrostimulation before I use the Intensity on myself, but I’ve been reading and researching and look forward to summarizing the information for you soon!

Intensity Vibrator by Jopen

Is the New Jopen Intensity Vibrator Safe?

Intensity Vibrator by JopenOrgasm by electricity? The new Intensity vibrator by Jopen uses electric shock to automatically exercise your vaginal muscles while at the same time stimulating your clitoris, rabbit-style. And did I mention it has an inflatable shaft?

Quite honestly the Intensity raises some questions that have rekindled my interest in the old buzz bizz. How do we know that internal electro-stimulation is safe, or that applying any kind of direct stimulation to the clitoris or sex organs doesn’t have adverse, long-term effects on sensory and reproductive ability?

The adult novelty industry, which is estimated to have an annual domestic revenue of $1 billion, doesn’t have an established standard for product safety and quality, nor is there an outside regulatory body to determine what those standards might be. Additionally, adult novelties are not subject to any form of government standards or regulations besides age restriction. While sex toy and vibrator manufacturers often go out of their way to “talk the talk” of sex toy health and safety, every sex toy package is marked with warning labels stating that the product is “sold as a novelty only” and “for external use only.” If manufacturers are making sure to relieve themselves of legal responsibility for their “novelty” product, it seems unlikely that there has been enough (or perhaps even any) research demonstrating that sex toys are indeed safe to use.

Intensity by Jopen

Intensity by Jopen: For external use only?

Before I subject my vagina to a series of electric shocks, I think I’ll do a little more research on Jopen’s new Intensity vibrator and the effects of vibrator use in general. What do you think?

Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys for men can be organized into four categories: masturbators, cock rings, sex dolls, and anal stimulators. This post is an introduction to sex toys for men and includes general descriptions of each category as well as a brief explanation of its intended use.

1. Masturbators

Male masturbators are hand-held sex toys for men that come in the form of a hard plastic tube. There is a small opening at one end of the tube that is usually shaped like labia, lips, or an anus. For all intents and purposes, this hole is meant to be fucked. The inside of the masturbator is filled with silicone material that fits tightly and provides resistance to the penis. The inside of a masturbator is often textured with ridges to simulate the inside of a real vagina, mouth or ass. The most popular masturbator (and arguably the most popular men’s sex toy over all) is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight is a non-vibrating masturbator. An example of a automated masturbator is the Xtreme Head Exciter (pictured above), which features a hand strap and a textured interior.

 2. Cock Rings

A second type of men’s sex toy is the cock ring. Cock rings are circular bands made of silicone, metal, hard plastic, or leather. Cock rings are worn one of two ways: around the base of the penis in front of the balls, or around both the balls and penis. Traditionally, cock rings are worn around both the balls and penis to maintain an erection and delay ejaculation. Cock rings are also worn in this way to create the illusion of a “bigger bulge” while being fully clothed. More recently, a new feature has been added to the cock ring: vibration. Vibrating cock rings such as the Screaming O (pictured above) are worn around the base of the penis in front of the balls and although they are primarily marketed as a a sex toy for men, vibrating cock rings are designed to provide clitoral stimulation to a female partner and thus actually function as a women’s or couple’s sex toy.

3. Sex Dolls

The third category of sex toys for men is the sex doll. Sex dolls are similar to masturbators in that they are meant to be fucked. But unlike the tube-shaped masturbators, sex dolls are carefully crafted into life-size replicas of actual human bodies and body parts. The RealDoll is a popular example of a sex doll. Briana Banks’ Pussy & Ass (pictured above) will do the trick for someone who prefers a more minimal set up. Ass, pussy, tits, mouths, feet, hands, hands holding pussies open, ass/pussy combos, tits/cock/face combos, torsos, legs with feet and ass, feet and ass, double-ended pussies, are all available with and without vibrating capabilities.

4. Anal Toys

The fourth category of men’s sex toy is the anal toy. As we all know, both men and women have an anus and a prostate. Standard vibrators and dildos can be used anally on both men and women. However, there are some anal toys made specifically for the male body. The Aneros Prostate Stimulator (pictured above) is made of hard, non-porous plastic designed ergonomically for ease of insertion and shaped to give a gentle prostate massage with little effort on the part of the user.