How to Achieve Female Ejaculation (Guest Post)


I learned how to achieve female ejaculation during college while I was tending bar. I worked as a bartender for several years, slinging drinks, chatting people up and making a decent amount of money. The one thing I liked about it was that you never knew what was going to happen when you went in. Whenever there were down times, I would find myself talking to guests about random, funny things. One day, a guest told me about a time that he made a girl squirt. I was immediately intrigued. He said, with what I believe was without exaggeration, that she literally flooded his bed when she came.

Inspired by his story, I went home and told my boyfriend. I assumed if some random girl could do it, I could too. We tried and tried, but to no avail, never got it to work. However it got me thinking, just because I haven’t been able to yet, doesn’t mean you can’t….

Every woman is built to be able to squirt–also known as gushing and female ejaculation–it just requires the right stimulation, relaxation and desire to do so. But before we begin your lesson in squirting it’s important to mention that female ejaculation is not purely urine. Studies haven’t been able to fully pinpoint the components, but they have discovered that it is part urine, part phosphotase (the same chemical that makes up semen) and then a mix of inconsistent chemicals. So while you may feel like you’re peeing when it happens, rest easy knowing that it isn’t truly urine. This fluid is released when the G-Spot is stimulated, which is actually located in the same spot, just on the opposite wall, as the male prostate.

Now making yourself squirt is going to require a little more than your usual go-to routine, but the effort should prove to be worth it. You’re going to need your hands or a partner. If you find that your fingers aren’t long enough to reach your G-spot or that they tire quickly, check out a G-spot stimulator like the Njoy Pure Wand.

Be sure to go to the bathroom before you try to squirt, this will help you relax and feel confident that you are not going to pee. Once you’ve emptied your bladder, lay back and find your G-spot. I recommend locating it with your fingers at first so that you can understand what it feels like. You can locate it by inserting your finger about 3 inches and making a hook or come hither motion with your finger. Make sure your finger is hooking towards the top wall of your vagina. Now feel around for a small patch that is rougher than the rest of wall–that’s your g-spot.

Now either recruit the help of your partner or a G-spot stimulator, or combine the two. Have them stimulate your G-spot by rubbing back and forth on it. You will feel it become more sensitive as it becomes engorged. If they are touching you right, you will probably feel like you have to pee. It’s important to ignore this feeling. You won’t be able to squirt if you can’t ignore it.

Have them continue to stimulate you and help out by stimulating yourself. The more aroused you can get the better. If you continue to stay relaxed, you’ll eventually feel your orgasm build. At this point, you have to let go. As women, we tend to suck in our pelvic muscles during an orgasm, but you need to do the exact opposite. Focus on pushing them out, this will help push the fluid down and out and maximize your orgasm. At this point, you should be able to squirt and once you do, you can expect to see anywhere from a teaspoon of fluid all the way up to 1/4 of a cup.

The best thing about squirting is that it’s much easier to achieve once you’ve unlocked it. You’ll also be able to achieve g-spot orgasms a lot more in general. I’m going to keep trying and so should you. Have fun exploring, practice makes perfect.