Ah...fine art and hip hop. Who can resist?

New Art Reward Announced for Progress Report’s Kickstarter Campaign

11 hours left.

Anyone who contributes $10 to the Progress Report Kickstarter Campaign receives a free ticket to their album release party at the Magic Bag on March 25th, along with a signed and numbered copy of their new album–both of which will be made possible by the collective contributions of their backers through Kickstarter. However, last night Progress Report announced a new ‘Art Reward’: anyone (or entity) who contributes $500 will be presented with Round About Midnight, an original painting by custom artist Alphonso Cox.

Having recently become familiar with Cox’s work and his unique process, I must say that this is quite a deal.

Cox is a musically-oriented multi-media artist whose work appears to place in the traditional “oil on canvas” category. However, his experimental approach and innovative techniques challenge the way classical, postmodern, and pop art is defined and classified. Also, it’s real pretty.

So who’s it gonna be?

Ah...fine art and hip hop. Who can resist?