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I Love Detroit Video Contest Entry


Making a video for Garden Court’s “I Love Detroit” Video Contest was a far more meaningful experience than I expected it to be. I can’t wait to explain how I wound up with the final product. Though I missed the entry deadline (not to mention a healthy spread of intellectual gatherings and social events that took place last weekend, including hearing the expertise of Hubert Sawyers, III, who sat on the “Building a Music Economy” panel at the Allied Media Conference), the circumstances that kept me from completing and submitting the video on time were also the conditions that allowed this project to be personally significant. Intrigued? Watch for a more detailed reflection, coming soon (along with “Why I Love Detroit: The B-Sides”).

In addition to my heart growing a few sizes, my standard for email etiquette has also been raised a few notches, thanks to some crafty correspondence from Doc Waffles, who allowed me to use his song, “One More Pint, Detroit.”