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Doc Waffles vs. Maya Fardoun

Doc Waffles - Maya Fardoun

L to R: Jane Fader, Doc Waffles

Detroit rapper Doc Waffles stands in one of the east side gardens that he passes on his daily bus route. Each morning Waffles travels from his loft in Corktown to the affluent suburbs of Grosse Point, where the fast-paced game of antique book sales awaits him.

Photographer Maya Fardoun, a suave visionary of international intrigue, recently exhibited her work at the elite monthly cultural event, scotch + cigars. Select prints are still available for acquisition. Contact for details.

Doc Waffles vs. Iva Gueorguieva

“Reclining Nude: Stabbed” by Iva Gueorguieva bears a strong resemblance to Doc Waffles’ “Merz,” the living work bred and styled in the rapper’s former Brooklyn Loft residence.

At first I was unsure of what to make of the film strip trimmings, vintage baseball cards and cigarette ashes piled in the middle of Waffles’ floor. And as a matter of fact, I’m still not entirely comfortable with it. However after considering the merz along with a write-up about Gueorguieva in the current issue of New American Paintings (in which Gueorguieva is featured as the spotlight artist), I am pleased to think that I have a more sophisticated appreciation for Waffles’ style as a lyricist and a rapper.

“marked by incessant movement that is both turbulent and euphoric” 
“the resulting process of cutting and constructing both the surface and the image”
Captions extracted from New American Paintings #91 Artist Spotlight feature.

Poly-Purpose Vintage Vibrator Instruction Manual

Introducing the newest addition to my growing collection of pleasure objects, the Poly-Purpose Vibrator!

Poly Purpose Antique VibratorPoly-Purpose is an antique vibrator. It was manufactured in Hong Kong and distributed in the UK by a company called Leader Brand.

Antique Battery Massager Sex Toy, Made in Hong Kong

Wes Anderson-esque…yummy…

Included with the vibrator wand itself, Poly-Purpose comes with an instruction manual, three vibrator applicators, and one special SCRATCH-O-MATIC. Poly-Purpose runs on two “C” batteries which are included, but dead.

Antique Vibrator AttachmentsPoly-Purpose offers a gentle, soothing massage action for use wherever needed or wanted–on things hips, legs, sides, back, shoulders and neck…relax and soothe simple tensions and relieve tired muscles.

Antique sex toy instruction manualThe instruction manual is filled with helpful advice about how to insert the batteries and clever suggestions for personal massage routines. Try rubbing it all over your face, as is shown below.

The massage should be gentle to be soothing and short periods of use (from 10-15 minutes) give results that are relaxing.

Antique Sex Toy Massage InstructionsPlace hand on toes and press downward…at the same time press vibrator upward. Pull and stretch toes.

Vintage Vibrator Foot FetishNext time on janefader.com: Watch my Poly-Purpose video review to see if this old gal still has enough fortitude to make my flesh tingle.

Vintage VibratorCi-mer.

I Love Detroit Video Contest Entry


Making a video for Garden Court’s “I Love Detroit” Video Contest was a far more meaningful experience than I expected it to be. I can’t wait to explain how I wound up with the final product. Though I missed the entry deadline (not to mention a healthy spread of intellectual gatherings and social events that took place last weekend, including hearing the expertise of Hubert Sawyers, III, who sat on the “Building a Music Economy” panel at the Allied Media Conference), the circumstances that kept me from completing and submitting the video on time were also the conditions that allowed this project to be personally significant. Intrigued? Watch for a more detailed reflection, coming soon (along with “Why I Love Detroit: The B-Sides”).

In addition to my heart growing a few sizes, my standard for email etiquette has also been raised a few notches, thanks to some crafty correspondence from Doc Waffles, who allowed me to use his song, “One More Pint, Detroit.”